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The coming-of-age story directed by Elan involves some beautiful moments and gives the actors an excellent opportunity for development, but the drama’s liked emotional response and execution must be in agreement.

Kavin’s most recent picture, Star, was directed by Elan. The film has a lengthy story and seems to be really eventful. Elan must, however, manage the film’s balancing act between acting as a respectable coming-of-age story and a star vehicle. Given the untrustworthy part of the screenplay, the film’s ability to succeed is aided by the story’s eventfulness and its treatment of the challenges of becoming a successful evoke strong feelings. Star is a decent drama with occasional high points, thanks to an amazing performance by Kavin that keeps us engaged in the story.


Describes the dreams of a youngstar Kalai to become a “Star” in the Tamil film industry. Will Kalai, he was born  in a lower middle class home, be able to rise above all his struggles and become a star?


Kavin: Kalaiarasan

Lal: pandian

Aditi Sudhir Pohankar: Surabi

Preity Mukhundhan: Meera Malarkodi

Geetha Kailasam: Kamala

Lollu Sabha Maaran: Pandian’s Friend

Aarti Desai: Meera’s mother

Mimmo: College Principal

Kadhal sukumar: Icecream Seller

Pandian: Surabi’s father

Kaniksha vijaykumar: Young Selvi

Kavitha Suresh: School Teacher

Charulatha: School HM

Bharath K. Swamy: Meera’s father


Nivedhitha Rajappan

Deep’s: Gulabi

Sanjay Swaroop

Star tamil movie review

Details :

Directed by: Elan

Writter: Elan, Thava Guru

Stars: Kavin, Lal, Aditi Sudhir Pohankar

Relase date: June 7, 2024

Country of origin: Inadia

Language: Tamil

Production companies: Rise East Creations , Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra

RunTime: 2 hours 38 minutes


essentially “Star” seeks to explore the difficult path of an ambitious actor through the difficult streets of the film industry. However the story falls short in execution, not having the essential consistency and depth that keep the interest of the audience. The film feels broken down as if it is quickly jumping past important parts of Kalai’s life, rather than providing a logical examination of his direction.


“Star” basically failed to convey the core of Kalai’s strong conviction and purposefulness. With Kavin’s outstanding performance, the film’s storyline lacks the complexity essential to take it above the level of a corny story about romance and dreams. this is Star tamil movie review.

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