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Hello everyone, this is Venkatesh from filmijunkie blog. In the blog, I am going to explain Leo movie.

Lokesh Kanagaraj directed and Seven Screen Studio produced the 2023 Indian Tamil action thriller movie Leo, also known as Bloody Sweet. The film stars Vijay in the title role, alongside Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Trisha, Gautam Vasudev Menon, Mysskin, Madonna Sebastian, George Maryan, Mansoor Ali Khan, Priya Anand, and Mathew Thomas. It marks the third instalment of Lokesh’s cinematic universe(LCU), drawing inspiration from “A History of Violence.” In the film, Vijay portrays Parthi, a cafe owner and animal rescuer in Shimla, who attracts the attention of gangsters Anthony and Harold Das, suspecting him to be Anthony’s estranged son.

The official announcement for Leo, initially titled Thalapathy 67, came out in January 2023, given that it’s Vijay’s 67th film as a star actor. A few days after Photography began in the same month in Chennai, the film’s title, Thalapathy 67, was announced, with occasional schedules in Kashmir and other farmer locations, finishing in July 2023. Anirudh Ravichander composed the music for Leo, while Manoj Paramhamsa wrote the screenplay, and Philomen Raj edited it.


The film’s budget ranged between Rs250-350 crore, with reports of Vijay getting Rs120 crore as his pay. Vijay would get Rs50 crore as an advance, and a part of the profits would make up the actor’s remuneration. Vijay initially didn’t want to make Leo a pan-Indian film, wanting only to please his audience, but Lalit and Jagadish convinced him to reconsider. Consequently, they modified the story to cater to a wider audience.


The Leo film amassed over 550 crores worldwide and 317 crores from the Indian Box Office within 15 days. The movie generated 574 crores worldwide in 19 days and 331 crores from the domestic market.


:Vijay as Parthiban( Parthi) / Leo DasSanjay Dutt as Antony Das
Arjun Sarja as Harold Das
Trisha as Sathya wife of Parathiban (voice dubbed by Chinmayi).
Gautham Vasudev as Joshy Andrews
George Maryan as Napoleon
Mysskin as Shanmugam
Madonna Sebastian as Elisa das
Mansoor Khan as Hridayaraj Desouzad’Souza
Sandy as a robber with Shanmugam’s Gang
Priya Anand is Priya Joshy Andres
Mathew Thomas in Siddharth “Siddhu”, Parthiban
Babu Antony, Antony’s henchman
Janany Kunaseelan as Shruthi
Iyal Mathi Parthiban “Chintu”.
Mukhtar as Bhawar Jetha, a Police Officer
Ramakrishnan is Gabby
Denzil, as a judge
Dinesh master as Dinesh
Madhusudhan as Shanmugam’s brother-in law
Vaiyapuri is an astrologer
Maya S. Krishnan as Vikram’s aide
Punya Elizabeth is Sathya’s best friend
Thavasi as Harold’s henchman
Jawahar is a veterinary doctor
Maneksha as Jailer
Sachin Mani is Shruthi’s husband
Shanthi is Shanmugam’s Wife
Santhi Mayadevi is Parthiban’s lawyer
Muthu Krishnan is a Press Cameraman
Pooja Fiya, Press Reporter
Leela Samson, public prosecutor
Dinesh Lamba is the new Divisional Forest Officer
Anurag Kashyap (in the role of Daniel)
Kamal Haasan (in the role of Vikram)


Anirudh Ravichander composed the soundtrack in his fourth collaboration with Vijay Kaththi (2014), Master(2021), and the Beast(2022), and the third collaboration with Lokesh Kanagaraj after Master and Vikram. Sony Music India bought the music for 16 crores. The organizers held the audio launch on 30 September 2023 in Nehru Stadium. However, they cancelled it later on 27 September 2023 due to the constant requests for passes and safety concerns. They released the album the same day as the film Naa Ready, which became the most popular Tamil track of 2023 as per Spotify wrapped.


The film Leo features the hero Thalapathy Vijay, known as Parthiban in this film. Parthiban, a peaceful cafe owner in Kashmir and animal rescuer, lives happily with his family, consisting of his wife, Sathya, and their two children, Siddharth & Mathi. Parthiban demonstrates his athletic prowess when he eliminates a hyena that intrudes the school grounds. He maintains friendly relations with Joshi, a forest department officer, and Joshi’s wife, Priya, both Tamils residing in Kashmir.

The plot takes a turn when a gang robbing people triggers a killing spree with Parthiban at its start. A woman working in Parthiban’s shop provokes one of the killers, setting off a chain of events that result in Parthiban forcefully shooting the robbers in self-defense, thereby revealing his gun-handling skills and raising suspicion. However, Joshi manages to persuade his lawyer to close the case as it was a matter of self-defence.

Parthiban’s heroism catches the attention of ‘Das and Co.’ and the national media. Brothers Antony Das and Harold Das own and operate a tobacco factory and they suspect Parthiban to be the deceased ‘Leo Das,’ Antony’s son. This suspicion distresses Parthiban, and he takes drastic measures to ensure his and his family’s safety.

Leo movie

The family of the dead killer launches a vicious attack on the market intending to kill Parthiban and his family. Parthiban, infuriated, subdues them and demands an armed Tamil police officer for his home’s protection, to which the department assigns him Napoleon. Parthiban fiercely denies being Leo when Antony Das visits his café, leading Antony to sow seeds of suspicion in Sathya, who eventually starts doubting her husband. Joshi, eager to know more about Leo, goes to a prison to converse with a prisoner claiming to have been a part of ‘Das and Co.’ and to have known Leo Das.

The prisoner discloses that Antony Das had twins, Leo Das & Elisa Das, who handled their drug-related illegal work. Antony Das endorsed human sacrifices and, as per astrologers, had to kill someone whose horoscopes matched with his children for his company’s prosperity. He decides to sacrifice Elisa Das, resulting in Leo setting their warehouse on fire, and Antony supposedly killing Leo after Elisa Das. Upon learning of Leo’s death, Joshi reinforces that Parthiban is not Leo.

Harold Das kidnaps Parthiban’s son and confronts Antony Das. In retaliation, Parthiban kills Antony Das and brings him to ‘The Das and Co. factory. Harold presents evidence indicating that Parthiban is Leo, but Parthiban refutes them. When Harold sends his men to kill Parthiban, Joshi, Napoleon, and the pet Hyena defend him and his family. He confronts Harold, reveals that he is Leo Das before killing him, and secures his son’s promise to keep his true identity hidden.

Upon Parthiban’s return to his family in India, he gets a call from Vikram, an agent from The Black Squad, inviting him to join their team and help combat drug proliferation in society.

Conclusion: Leo Movie

We’re waiting with anticipation for the release date of Leo 2023. The film could have an essential impact on Tamil cinema. With an impressive cast, an engaging story on personal redemption, and Lokesh Kanagaraj’s skilled direction. Leo is set to capture the hearts of lovers of action movies and people who enjoy a compelling story. Leo is a film that has the potential to be an unforgettable remembrance of the past in the context of Tamil cinema.

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