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12th Fail is a 2k23 Indian biographical movie in Hindi written, produced, and directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The 12th Fail movie is based upon a 2k19 non-fiction novel by Anurag Pathak, which tells the true story of Manoj Kumar Sharma, who overcame hardship to become an IPS officer. The film has Vikrant Messay in the lead role along with Medha Shankar, Anath v Joshi,anushumaan Pushkar, and Priyanshu Chatterjee.

It was released theatrically on October 27, 2k23 .12th. The film received widespread reviews and became an overnight success; this movie earned more than 60 crores globally on a budget of 20 crores. At the 69th Filmfare Awards, the film was nominated 12 times for Best Film and Best Director.

Directed by: Vibhu Vinod Chopra

Written by: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Based upon:12th Failby Anurag Pathak

Produced by: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Yogesh Ishwar

Starring: Vikrant Massey

Medha Shankar

Anant V Joshi

Anshumaan Pushkar

Narrated by: Anant V Joshi

Cinematography: Randarajan Ramabadran

Edited by: Jaskunwar Kohli

Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Music by: Shantanu Moitra

Production Company: Vinod Chopra Films

Distributed by: Zee Studios

Date for release: October 27, 2023

Time for running: 146 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Budget: Rs 20 crore

Box office: Rs 66 crore

Cast :

Vikrant Massey as Manoj Kumar Sharma

Medha Shankar as Shraddha Josh

Anant V. Joshi as Pritam Pandey

Anshumaan Pushkar as Gauri Bhaiya

Priyanshu Chatterjee as DSP Dushyant Singh

Geeta Agarwal Sharma as Pushpa Sharma’s mother.

Harish Khanna is Ramveer Sharma’s father.

Sarita Joshi, Manoj’s grandmother

Sanjay Bishnoi as Naval

Vikas Diyakirti is Himself

Vijay Kumar Dogra as Sundar

Perry Chhabra, Rajini Sharma Manoj’s younger sister

Neeraj Kalra is Shraddha’s father.

Darius Chinoy, Mr. Solanki

Radhika Joshi as Tanya

Fasi Khan as Kishan, Shraddha’s house servant.

Rahul Dev Shetty as Ms Mehta in Manoj’s UPSC Interviewer

Plot: 12th Fail Movie

 Manoj Sharma is the son of An employee who was terminated for illegally assaulting a dishonest officer. He was born in Chambal, the reputed breakout-repopulating area. Manoj gets a cheat sheet to pass his Examination, But DSP Dushyant Singh, the recently assigned officer, Has given up on cheating. Manoj uses a cycle rickshaw to help around the house with his brother, especially his Elder brother. He has a warning from DSP Dushyant to stop performing super work. He craves to be a police officer like his father. he finished his exam a year later without using any cheating Skills to earn a B.A and worked in Indian Police Service .

The film shows Manoj Kumar Sharma’s journey to become an IPS officer. Manoj Kumar Sharma, the film’s protagonist, wants to be an IPS officer. To achieve this position, the film’s hero, Manoj Kumar Sharma, prepares for competitive examinations and has to overcome many difficulties.

Developer: 12th Fail Movie

The film was announced in November of 2022. Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra revealed the film was inspired by the book Twelfth Failure by Anurag Pathak. The accurate tale of Police Service of India Police Officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and IRS Officer Shraddha Joshi inspired the film.

Casting: 12th Fail Movie

On November 20, 2k22, Chopra discovered that actor Vikrant Massey would play the lead role. This is their first-ever collaboration. UPSC coach Vikas Divyakirti has been cast to represent himself on the screen. Only some real-life UPSC candidates were released in similar roles. According to Massey, they gave “genuineness” to the movie. Manoj Sharma and Joshi each occur in the film.


The movie 12th Fail is a heart-touching biography drama with a strong message of resilience and strength; over cliches, the emotional center, dialogues, and performance are powerful. Vikrant Massey’s performance is fantastic, making it one of the best of the year 2k23. The movie is based on an accurate tale and a beautiful story of a hopeful character’s efforts. It is a must-watch for students and inspires them to succeed, regardless of their background. Vikranth’s sincerity in describing the student effectively makes it a memorable experience.

Every aspiring must watch this movie. Based on a true story. The film is notable for the struggle of a character. the story best way laugh,enjoy.cry, It is a story about trying to reach their goals at all costs. You can still win no matter where you’re at or your situation. Don’t lose hope. Y. You can achieve your goal. The Vikrant’s portrayal of a student was the best he has ever done. You will never regret watching it.


The 12th Fail movie is a complex film. It’s a story of determination, hope, and the believable power of routine learning, discipline, focus, and devotion. The film inspires anyone facing obstruction or setbacks in their lives. Manoj Sharma proves in the film that there is still time to turn your life around and achieve your desired success. and focus on goals.

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